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SMS Marketing is perhaps the only platform that allows marketers to reach prospects where ever they are, at the moment of ad broadcast.
Mobile Marketing is the Fastest-Growing Direct Marketing Channel Today. We see mobile coupon redemption rates avearaging 11-36%. The average ROI is $20 for every $1 spent. Call Tony now, 321-663-4640 for more details.

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Interested in Keyword text marketing? Would you like to turn all of your media into Lead Generation?Almost 100% of text messages are read, and read within 4 minutes! With our platform you can actually have a digital conversation with and collect data from customers or potential customers.

Text joinnow to 44622, to see an example of how u can collect data. Then you can segment the data and personalize your messages. You won't go on a list, but you will be impressed . Msg & Data Rate's May Apply, Text STOP to end and Text HELP for Help. Your information will be kept private and will not be shared with anyone, ever. You can also reach us via email,

Brand recall rates from mobile marketing are 20 times greater than web and 10 times that of direct mail. Hovering at about 78%.

What separates SMS/mobile from other marketing media?

Lets be clear . We are not spamming mobile phones. This is permission based marketing. They are subscribers. As such they are a highly receptive and responsive audience.

With demographic, geographic and content channel capabilities we can reach your target audience cost effectively.

The interactive nature of text messaging allows consumers to respond to your advertising immediately upon reading it!

SMS open rates are normally between 95%-100% with a 24% viral rate. Send out to just 20 thousand subscribers and at least 19,000 will see your advertising message and have the opportunity to respond to your offer. No other form of media can make that claim. Plus...Delivery rates are guaranteed at 100%. A compelling offer to your demographic equals success.

Whether it is TV, radio, magazines, billboards or any other unique channels of advertising communication—a prospect needs to actively seek out the medium.

SMS however, goes where your prospect is…your prospect doesn't have to go to where your advertising message is…

This is because cell phones are the one device that nearly all Americans have within a few feet of them—at all times.

This presents marketers with the ability to target consumers at home—and on the road.

Mobile advertising offers a truly unique platform for marketers. Mobile phones are very personal devices. As such, users are highly engaged with its content.

Mobile advertising penetration hits one in three mobile phone users with high recall statistics, especially among text messaging users.

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