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Business to Consumer Lead Generation


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  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So you want customers. You want to use the internet. Smart move because dollar for dollar it's the most economical venue to find people interested in your product/service and we have methods to target your ideal client. You need prospects that are between the ages of 25-50, household income of 75K plus, like to travel, etc. I think you get the picture. We run ads on our partners Networks ( a network is a group of sites in which we run a co-reg path) ranging from maybe 500 to 50,000 web sites. Once the data collected from a prospect meets your criteria, age, income, etc. we present your offer and if they are interested, they will select yes, their data is collected and sent to you for follow up.

You can also ask additional qualifying questions. This is called custom co-reg.

1. Where did you vacation last?
2. How long was your vacation?
3. How many people were in your party?

Of course the more data you require, the more the lead will cost you. Now we have to consider lead quality. Beware of incentive based networks. These are networks that force people to choose several offers in order to receive something free. This is not all bad, it depends on what your goal is. For example we had a company that just wanted to get people that were interested in traveling and by filling in the form were entered to win a free vacation. This company's goal was to build a data base of people that travel and market to that data base regularly to keep their name in front of them and create top of mind awareness.

Where most people fail in this type of program, in fact all marketing and lead generation programs? Follow up. They fail to follow up timely. Leads need to be followed up on in some form ASAP. On our end as soon as they hit the submit button we send them a custom email on your behalf thanking them for their interest and giving them more info or contact information, web site address, etc. You have to remember a consumer is just a click away from your competitor. For more details or to see if this program is right for you....

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