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Mobile Web Sites, why do I need one?

I think we can all agree the internet is here to stay! What's changing is the way we access it.

Bango has released some interesting stats related to mobile Web usage, proving that while apps are indeed a rapidly growing segment, the mobile browser remains the most important app on any mobile device.

Over the last 12 months, Bango has been analyzing traffic to a range of mobile Websites by sampling across 50 million phone users worldwide who have accessed third party mobile sites through its platform. In the end, Bango realized a 600% growth in traffic, representing six times the amount of traffic recorded the previous 12-month period.

Interestingly, the average time on site was measured as 3 minutes, 21 seconds- averaged across user visits to all sites, compared with just over one and a half minutes the previous year..

The analysis also measured the average number of pages viewed per visit at 5 pages, up from just over 2 pages per visit twelve months before. These site-level figures have increased by an average of 230% compared to a year ago, with consumers visiting sites more frequently from their phones and browsing more pages over longer periods of time.

We'll drive the traffic to your mobile site. You only pay for results!

With our performance based Global Mobile Marketing network of over 138,000 Publishers in 200 Countries with over 200 million page views monthly and you've got a winner.

Trying to view and navigate a PC web site version on a mobile phone is very difficult, and trying to view a mobile site on a PC is equally difficult.

We provide redirect code, for your PC site. If they type your URL into a mobile browser, they get a mobile site. PC? PC version!

Type this URL in your mobile browser:,. Now if you type it in your computer it will render a navigable PC version.

By Mid 2011, 150 million (that's half of all mobile users in the US) will have smart phones. With HTML 5, mobile sites can do almost anything an app. can do, our sites work on 99% of all mobile browser enabled phones.


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